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Elevator Monitoring Services
Offering Nationwide UL / FM / NFPA Certified Emergency Call Box Monitoring


1. Our basic $5.95 monitoring plans are offered on the pre-paid initial monitoring terms.

2. Upon completion of the initial monitoring term selected, basic service will automatically continue on a month to month basis at the adjusted monthly rate of $19.95 unless services are cancelled at www.CancelMyAlarm.com or a new pre-paid rate plan is selected at www.RenewMyAlarm.com.

3. 3rd party routing services such as internet, cellular or wireless routing are additional to any base rate shown and may change in price after any initial plan has been exhausted unless a special promotional offer was accepted by consumer at time of order.

4. Initial rate plan does not include any optional services such as automatic test timers, communications testing, opening & closing services or NFPA certified UL FIRE alarm response if required by local municipality as these services will be charged in addition to the basic rate upon discovery of them.



90 DAY REFUND TERMS: Subscriber has 90 days from time of initial order to cancel services online at http://www.CancelMyAlarm.com and return any provided equipment and supporting items to contractor under the following conditions to receive a refund: (a) If no alarm signals were received, including "general alarm signals" by the monitoring center. (b) Consumer made a good faith effort to complete a DIY set-up with a free live over the phone technical support appointment. (c) Consumer provided a fully functioning alarm system for monitoring. (d) Consumer provided a working local communications connection to the alarm transmitter. (e) Consumer has not received a insurance certificate from Contractor. (f) Consumer has fully accepted optional replacement insurance if requesting contractor to reuse their existing internet or cellular transmitter. If all these conditions are met, and all equipment is returned in like new condition within 30 days of cancellation, a full refund will be issued within 30 days upon request of consumer at http://www.AlarmRefund.com. If items (a) through (f) above are not met, the following deductions from the available refund may occur: (1) $35.00 Central Station activation / set-up fee. (2) Any shipping and handling fees. (3) $35.00 per returned item equipment refurbishing and re-certification fee if leased.(4) Non-prorated monthly fees calculated on the month to month plan for any leased equipment until returned.(5) Fees for any technical support provided.



We will pay you $100.00 if we cannot monitor your elevator call box under the following conditions:

1. Monitoring conversion failure was not due to consumers system or equipment failure.

2. Monitoring conversion failure was due to power, telephone or internet service unavailability or connection issues.

3. Monitoring conversion failure due to consumer not having proper access codes to system.

4. Consumer Does Not Accept a Free Upgrade to The Alarm Ear Monitoring System if Conventional Monitoring Methods are Unavailable.

5. Consumer defaults on contract terms, payment terms or performed any charge backs. 



1. Rate must be openly advertised to the general public.

2.Rate must be for equitable monitoring services methods and features offered.

3.Rate cannot be from any subsidiary, alarm partner or affiliate of Parent Company.

4.Rate must be reported in writing within 30 days AFTER initial service order.

5.Refund of difference issued as a credit towards future month to month basic monitoring services only.



1. Once your service has been established, simply cancel anytime online at www.CancelMyAlarm.com

 2. If services are pre-paid, a refund will be issued in accordance with our pre-paid refund policy.



1. All our initial basic monitoring service plans are pre-paid with no minimum term commitment.

2.Upon completion of your initial monitoring plan, your service will automatically continue on a month to month basis at the adjusted monthly rate unless canceled online at www.CancelMyAlarm.com or a new pre-paid rate plan is selected at www.RenewMyAlarm.com



1. Monitoring service order must be submitted & paid by 9am, (Pacific Time - Excludes Weekends and Holidays.) 

2. The alarm system is in good working order and can be turned on and off by the user.

3. The Installer or programming code is made available to our technicians.

4. The Consumer has an accessible and working phone line, internet or cellular transmitter in place.



1. Cancelation is required online at www.CancelMyAlarm.com

2 .Refund of any unused monitoring fees will be issued after re-calculation of your existing pre-paid plan to the current month to month plan rate for the same services.

3 .Re-calculation excludes any discounts issued during your existing pre-paid plan.

4. Pre-paid promotional offers or retroactive renewal terms excluded form this offer.

5. Offer void on special order or special/promotional offer items.



The following optional services are not included in basic pricing and will be charged if an account is determined to have any of these signals/services after monitoring conversion has been completed:

1. Any 3rd Party Signal Routing Services. (Cellular, Internet, Radio, Dedicated Line etc.)

2. UL Fire Monitoring Services. 

3. Automatic Communications Test Signals.

4. Automatic Access Reporting Signals.

5. Excess False Alarms or Equipment Failure.

The following optional services is not included in basic pricing and will be charged if requested & available.

a. System Equipment Service or Maintenance.


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