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Offering Nationwide UL / FM / NFPA Certified Emergency Call Box Monitoring

Fire Chief

Mario H. Treviño 


"As a Fire Chief, my primary concern has always been the public safety and the safety of our firefighters. So when an elevator breaks down, or gets stuck between floors, seconds count and the faster the fire department can be notified the better.


I can personally recommend Elevator Monitoring Services ®  with full confidence because they have been awarded a Certificate of Compliance by multiple independent certification services that identifies central monitoring stations capable of Elevator and UL Fire monitoring in accordance with NFPA 72 standards and under strict UL-827 central station standards.  Only those central monitoring stations meeting these exacting standards are then awarded the Certificate of Compliance


Elevator Monitoring Services has not only met this standard, but they go further by receiving additional certificates from both INTERTEK ® and Factory Mutual. ® 


Having the same certifications as the largest Elevator abd UL Fire monitoring services in the country doesn't mean you have to pay more, because Elevator Monitoring Services ®  offers Elevator monitoring for about 50% less than most other providers. So having your Elevators monitored by Elevator Monitoring Services ®   is one of the safest and most economical services for commercial. industrial or residential elevator monitoring anywhere. Do yourself, your bank account and your local Fire Marshal a favor by using Elevator Monitoring Services ®   

Just tell them Fire Chief Mario Trevino sent you and please remember to stay safe out there!"


Mario H. Treviño is also a 40-year fire service veteran. He has served as fire chief in Las Vegas, NV; San Francisco, CA; and Bellevue, WA. He has spoken at many national and international fire service educational venues, and continues to teach for a fire service degree program and the National Fire Academy. He is a former president of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs and has testified before U.S. Congressional Committees on four occasions. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, both in public administration, and completed a Harvard Fellowship in 1998. He is a line-of-duty cancer survivor. 



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